Yoga Mats


Class Descriptions



Flow | Foundations

In a Vinyasa class students are led through a series of poses that connect breath with movement in a continuous and unique flow. Vinyasa is defined as connecting movement to breath and has an emphasis on focus, balance, variety and intention. Class themes change weekly - expect to be inspired and challenged! 

A Hatha class is for those looking for the fundamentals. Poses will be broken down and transitioned into slowly while synced with breath, however holds and stretches may be longer, and overall pace may be slower. Don't expect any chaturangas in Hatha class!


Breathe | Release

Slow Flow class is a welcome and much-needed break from the stress and speed of day to day life. Students will be led through a less challenging sequence while moving at a slower and more intentional pace to emphasize alignment, posture, and breath.

In a Gentle class we'll focus on safely getting into each pose while keeping focus on alignment and positioning. Gentle classes are less flow, more gradual transitions, milder stretching and deep breathing.


Relax | Restore

In Yoga Nidra, your body and mind will enter a state of total rest and relaxation as the teacher moves through a full body scan with visualizations and other verbal instructions. Similar to guided meditation but with most practitioners entering into a different stream of consciousness and "yogic sleep".

Restorative Yoga typically involves between 5-7 poses completely supported by props. Poses are held for 5 minutes or longer to allow for complete stillness and release.